• Latest Development of Alipay


    Since its launch in 2004, Alipay has become the most popular and extensively used online payment tool for all areas of e-commerce in China, and is fast becoming the industry standard. Up to December 2010, Alipay had more than 550 million registered users, daily transaction volume exceeding RMB 2.5 billion(US$378 million), through more than 8.5 million daily transactions.

    Alipay continues to extend its leadership in online payments to merchants outside of the Alibaba and Taobao marketplaces, with more than 460,000 external merchants using Alipay as their preferred online payment platform.

    Alipay’s products and services are built on trust. Not only does Alipay guarantee the safety of each online transaction, it helps Internet users create their own trust profile which fosters a safe online payment environment.

  • iPay88 Is Upgrading Security Core Platform


    As part of our continuous technology innovation efforts to provide higher level of online payment services to you, iPay88 is scheduling a maintenance to upgrade our security infrastructure on 2011-3-28 from 04:00:00 to 08:00:00 (GMT +8). During this period, the following services may experience downtime:

    • MYR Gateway
    • Multi-Currency Gateway
    • Recurring Payments
    • Merchant Online Report

    Sorry for the inconveniences caused. If you have any technical question during this period, please SMS our technical team at +6016-3596887.

  • Can You Help the People of Japan?


    Everyone is sad and some may crying for the tragic day of Japan, 11 March 2011, due to a disastrous 8.9-magnitute earthquake shattered the eastern coast and resulted in a series of tsunamis that washed away homes, cars, and caused damage of catastrophic proportions.

    Despite we are not in Japan but we know that the Japanese especially the survivors need our helps o overcome the crisis. iPay88 urges the public to donate any amount you can to help the rescue efforts. If you are not sure where can make donation, you can visit Islam Relief Malaysia to donate any amount online or visit Groupon Malaysia to donate to Japanese Red Cross Society and Groupon Malaysia will match Ringgit-for-Ringgit up to the total donated value of RM25,000. E.g: For every RM3 you donate, Groupon Malaysia will match it by donating an additional RM3, and a total of RM6 will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Besides, Milkadeal.com also participating in this charity work to collect donation for Malaysian Red Crescent Society.

  • iPay88 - Official FPX System Integrator


    Are you planning to integrate your website with FPX payment options but facing integration problem?

    iPay88 Enterprise Gateway solution is the solution for you in FPX integration. Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd (MEPS) has appointed iPay88 as its official FPX system Integrator recently. As the official system integrator, merchants can integrate their website easily with FPX via iPay88 with minimum investment, at shorter implementation time and no technical issue.

    Meanwhile, you also can enable FPX easily in your online store without applying the merchant account from the bank via iPay88 MYR Gateway service.

    Contact us now if you want your customers pay you by FPX payment options.

  • Internet is the main source for Value Seeker


    According to a study commissioned by Microsoft Advertising and Aegis Media, and undertaken independently by London-based Essential Research, shows that almost all of the respondents are now looking for additional information from a variety of sources before they buy a product or service, rather than taking a traditional approach. This has consequently given rise to ‘value seeking’ shopping behavior.  The main source for their research is the Internet via various platforms such as forum, blogs, expert reviews, online and mobile advertising.

    For consumers in Asia, social networking scored high at the start of the purchase journey – for use in research in all product categories including home electronics (40%), groceries (43%), apparel (40%) and fast food (41%).

    Source: Asian Consumers Devour Internet to Find the Best Shopping Deals